• Osage Station Park Renovation

  •      The Osage Station Park renovation project is the result of years of planning and discussion on how best to renovate the park while addressing the needs of the community and the user base. Improvements planned for the renovation include removing and re-installing playground equipment, updating the picnic area and upgrading the popular memorial rose boxes. 

    The project began in the fall of 2013 with a design to renovate the amenities at the park. The Town used web-based community input tools to help provide outreach for those interested in the project. This outreach helped guide and shape the development of the thematic elements being installed and the overall look/design of the project. 

    The Town's consultant, Callander Associates, provided the design work to complete this renovation work and the project was awarded to Suarez and Munoz Contractors from Hayward, California, to handle the construction. 


    Start date: January, 25, 2016
    Estimated Completion: Late September, 2016